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Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada 125 km

Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada 125 km

Cover a distance of 125km with an elevation of 4200m within 10 trainings in an attempt to get your chance to run in a remote and authentic ultra race deep in the canadian wilderness in 2021 or 2022!
  • Distance 125 Km
  • Elevation 4220 MT+
  • KM-Effort 167.2 Km-E
  • Date From November 01 to December 01
  • Participants 496
  • Finishers 233
  • Status Over

About the race :

The UTHC 125 km is an authentic trail running experience in Canada’s wild backcountry. Trails dense with raw nature and wildlife. A perfect mix of flowing and technical terrain. Summits where the wind carries the scents of the St. Lawrence River and the boreal forest. What can you expect at Ultra-Trail Harricana™ of Canada? To run like a wolf and free your wild! You have 10 shots to run 125 km within 25 hours and get a chance to win your stay and a free registration for UTHC 2021 or 2022!


Being Finisher :

  • 125 km 4220 m D+
  • 167,2 km/effort

To become a Finisher, you must run 125 km with 4,220 meters of elevation gain or the equivalent of 167,2 kilometer-effort. Kilometer-effort means that for any gain of 100m in elevation, one kilometer is added to the distance of the route.

The Virtual Race must be completed in 10 outings or fewer, within a maximum of 25 hours (the official race time limit).


The ranking is calculated on the overall timing on the basis of the GPX tracks provided between the first run (start) and the last run (finish). Thus, runners who choose to complete the Virtual Race in one single run will be ahead of those who have completed the it in several runs. In the event of a tie, the activity time (= time in motion) will be taken into consideration.


Every runner who completes UTHC 125k will be entered into a special draw to gain A free race entry with accommodations for the 2021 or 2022 event.

The winner will be contacted at the email address that they provided during registration. The winner will then have 10 days to complete the form and send the information required in order to receive the prize. If the winner does not reply within the allowed time, or does not send the required information in order to receive their prize, the organizers reserve the right to disqualify the participant. No cash alternative can be offered in exchange for the prize. Prize is not transferable.


You are responsible for your own race and GPS / tracking system. All runners participate under their own responsibility. Physical activity requires good training and all participants declare that they are healthy and fit for the challenge

Final ranking
Rank Bib Name Nationality Cat Rank sex Rank cat. Progression Time
1 466 Mike NERON
France Canada
SE M 1 1 100% 09:37:38 See dashboard
2 351 Danny BURR
France United Kingdom
V1 M 2 1 100% 09:56:07 See dashboard
3 497 Yannick BERNARD
France Canada
SE M 3 2 100% 10:43:12 See dashboard
4 233 Aurelien LORIN
France Canada
V1 M 4 2 100% 10:46:24 See dashboard
5 243 Denis SAVARD
France Canada
SE M 5 3 100% 11:24:14 See dashboard
6 478 Noriaki YOKOUCHI
France Japan
V1 M 6 3 100% 11:25:43 See dashboard
7 445 Jérémy PERRET
France France
SE M 7 4 100% 11:29:06 See dashboard
8 449 Jérôme NOLETTE
France Canada
V1 M 8 4 100% 11:44:21 See dashboard
9 88 Samir TAZI
France France
SE M 9 5 100% 11:45:57 See dashboard
10 205 Christian MERCIER
France Canada
V1 M 10 5 100% 11:50:31 See dashboard