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Trans Jeju Virtual 10k

Trans Jeju Virtual 10k

Take on this Trans Jeju Virtual 10k and run 10km with 200 meters of elevation gain until November 08th.
  • Distance 10 Km
  • Elevation 200 MT+
  • KM-Effort 12 Km-E
  • Date From October 22 to January 02
  • Participants 281
  • Finishers 174
  • Status Over

About the race :

Participate alone or with your friends and run a 10-kilometre course with 200 meters elevation gain or the equivalent of 12 kilometres-effort.

Trans Jeju Virtual 10 is a unique way to experience Trans Jeju 10k distance. Integrating a real-time ranking, you can connect with the trail running community and compete against running enthusiasts from across the globe in a fun and interactive way.

The 10-km course of Trans jeju traverses Seogwiposi Gasiri village on Jeju Island, for a cumulative elevation gain of 300 meters. Gasiri village possesses the most beautiful trail running terrain in Korea. Visitors experience Jeju Island's Oreum, farm and grassland. Gammajang path, one of the village's must-see attractions, offers a wonderful introduction to the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island and its surroundings.

Sporting rules
Being Finisher :
  • 10 km / 200 m D+.
  • 12 km/effort

*Kilometer-effort: for every 100 m gain in elevation, one kilometer is added to the distance of the course.

For example:

To become a Finisher, you must run 10 km with 200 meters of elevation gain or the equivalent of 12 Kilometer-effort. Kilometer-effort means that for any gain of 100m in elevation, one kilometer is added to the distance of the route.

The Virtual Race must be completed by walking/running (average speed of 17 km/h max and top speed of 22 km/h max).

The Virtual Race can be completed over several runs or in one go.


The ranking is calculated on the overall timing on the basis of the GPX tracks provided between the first run (start) and the last run (finish). Thus, runners who choose to complete the Virtual Race in one single run will be ahead of those who have completed the it in several runs.

In the event of a tie, the activity time (= time in motion) will be taken into consideration.


Every runner who completes Trans Jeju Virtual 10k will be entered into a special draw to gain free entry into the 10k race of the 2021 Trans Jeju with three places available.

Liability and Insurance:

You are responsible for your own race and GPS / tracking system.

All runners participate under their own responsibility. Physical activity requires good training and all participants declare that they are healthy and fit for the challenge

Final ranking
Rank Bib Name Nationality Cat Rank sex Rank cat. Progression Time Activity Time
1 105 Erik FENDIK
France Slovakia
SE M 1 1 100% 00:47:17 00:47:17 See dashboard
2 161 Cyril BERGER
France France
SE M 2 2 100% 00:47:18 00:47:18 See dashboard
3 160 Tomas DOVALA
France Slovakia
SE M 3 3 100% 00:49:36 00:49:36 See dashboard
4 248 Kevin MCMULLAN
France Ireland
V1 M 4 1 100% 00:51:39 00:51:39 See dashboard
5 54 Gauthier CART
France France
SE M 5 4 100% 00:52:08 00:50:50 See dashboard
6 264 Matthieu CLAUSS
France France
SE M 6 5 100% 00:52:39 00:52:39 See dashboard
7 139 Denis HUSSER
France France
V1 M 7 2 100% 00:53:53 00:53:53 See dashboard
8 258 Guillaume DAVIN
France France
V2 M 8 1 100% 00:54:31 00:54:31 See dashboard
9 111 Vincent FORTIN
France Canada
V1 M 9 3 100% 00:55:25 00:55:25 See dashboard
10 28 Paik NANWOON
France South Korea
V1 M 10 4 100% 00:55:58 00:55:58 See dashboard