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Trail with Purpose Challenge

Trail with Purpose Challenge

You have one month to complete 10 Km & 700 M+ elevation gain and try to win a free subscription to the UTWT TV! Show us your beautiful playground while you challenge yourself and join us in committing to a sustainable future. Share your adventure on social media using #trailwithpurpose and show us that you care too!
  • Distance 10 Km
  • Elevation 700 MT+
  • KM-Effort 17 Km-E
  • Date From April 20 to May 20
  • Participants 138
  • Finishers 116
  • Status Over

About the race :

In addition to the sporting side, the UTWT circuit is also becoming increasingly committed to eco-responsibility, through concrete actions carried out with the various stakeholders in the UTWT ecosystem. In 2021, the UTWT wishes to continue to promote the practice of trail running and protection of the environment with the Trail with purpose initiative.

Trail running is expanding all over the world, with more and more events being organized in some of the most beautiful parks and mountain ranges that the planet has to offer. This is one of the ingredients that make this sport a truly unique discipline and authentic experience in the heart of nature, and one which is becoming increasingly attractive to thousands of runners from all over the world.

With Trail with Purpose, the UTWT wants to show that it is possible to find a balance between human pursuits and a respect for biodiversity, but also that trail running is the perfect sport to raise awareness of sustainable development and initiating change. This year sees the UTWT building on local initiatives and supporting the organizers in their eco-responsible initiatives. 


To become a finisher of the Trail with Purpose challenge you need to realize:

  • 10 km and 700 m+
  • or 17 km/effort
  • To become a finisher, you must run 10 km with 700 M+ elevation gain or the equivalent of 17 kilometer-effort in one go. Kilometer-effort means that for any gain of 100m in elevation, one kilometer is added to the distance of the route.


    Every runner who completes the Trail with Purpose challenge will be entered into a special draw to gain a free subscription to the UTWT TV. The winners will have the chance to watch UTWT episodes and many archives unlimited times.To ensure fairness during the draw we will select 5 women and 5 men. The winner will be contacted at the email address that they provided during registration.


    The ranking is calculated on the overall timing on the basis of the GPX tracks provided between the first run (start) and the last run (finish). Thus, runners who choose to complete the Virtual Race in one single run will be ahead of those who have completed the it in several runs. In the event of a tie, the activity time (= time in motion) will be taken into consideration.

    Liability and Insurance:

    You are responsible for your own race and GPS / tracking system. All runners participate under their own responsibility. Physical activity requires good training and all participants declare that they are healthy and fit for the challenge.

    Final ranking
    Rank Bib Name Nationality Cat Rank sex Rank cat. Progression Time Activity Time
    1 77 Vaughn RIDLEY
    France Canada
    V1 M 1 1 100% 00:58:28 00:58:28 See dashboard
    2 140 Carlos LEMA
    France Spain
    V1 M 2 2 100% 01:06:59 01:06:59 See dashboard
    3 35 Christian SOURA
    France United States of America
    V1 M 3 3 100% 01:11:45 01:11:45 See dashboard
    4 107 Rey SAJULGA
    France Philippines
    V1 M 4 4 100% 01:14:09 01:14:09 See dashboard
    5 87 Yuuki AIZAWA
    France Japan
    SE M 5 1 100% 01:15:33 01:15:33 See dashboard
    6 61 Balázs PINTÉR
    France Hungary
    V2 M 6 1 100% 01:16:41 01:16:41 See dashboard
    7 55 Kim DE BAENE
    France Canada
    V1 F 1 1 100% 01:17:36 01:17:36 See dashboard
    8 2 Robb GUSHIKEN
    France United States of America
    V1 M 7 5 100% 01:19:57 01:19:57 See dashboard
    9 34 Sebastien POIRIER
    France France
    V1 M 8 6 100% 01:20:03 01:20:03 See dashboard
    10 39 Pablo FIGUEIRA GARCÍA
    France Spain
    V1 M 9 7 100% 01:20:15 01:20:15 See dashboard